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Green tea father of the year
This is a little sketch I managed to put together of a very cool character made by lion mushrooms.

Green tea despite having a total of currently four kids he in actuality is a great father whose willing to put aside other things in order to act like a father the best he can. So here in this sketch I drew him winning a father of the year thing and casually flipping off the people who may have mocked him for that.

pirates life for tex
This is something special for the amazing artist zerna though i admit i rarely post much on here its often been hard due to me usually having to take photos with my mobile device. Of course those dont come out very clear so for this sketch i wanted to make sure it showed up on the scanner so after a few hours of inking and realizing i had ended up forgetting of course the feet i then made sure to scan this in. Tex is an amazing character to draw honestly not to mention despite him being a pirate he doesent always act like what you expect he has rules and continues to show that he isnt heartless like some would expect pirates to be (that and hes a hell of alot more honorable then ayule) he essentially flips the script in so many ways. 

To be honest before i even joined deviant art i looked at the amazing things she created and how she made such intricate details with her characters. She honestly continues to inspire me along with others to strive for more in art and continue to improve.

So after looking back messing around for a while to try and get his chin (becuase im still getting aquainted with facial details and so far chins have been a challenge) i managed to draw a pirate looking tex complete with of course a hat and of course a cutlas in the place of his usually and well drawn hand (we all know hands are tough to draw) 

That and honestly i enjoy making artwork of others characters when i have time its something thats fun not to mention it gives me practice in better trying out new things.

So please go give the amazing zerna a follow considering she has amazing digital art skills has hilarious characters and is an all around awesome person.
The musician
This is a little random character I sort of felt like sketching he is a strange being whose job is to play music in certain places. Though his music comes with a catch as as he plays disasters begin happening. It's his job to cause bad luck basically and let's face it that would have anyone in a bad mood
Trenton 2.0
This is one of my most recent sketches of Trenton stylus one of the younger memebers of team chronicle and while I'm at it may as well add in some more info on him I'm rather happy that his outfit has turned out somewhat better and that it helps reflect his love of somewhat baggy clothing

Age: Trenton is 18 still a teenager and considered somewhat younger to the other members of team chronicle with most of them being in their thirties
Previous job before joining team chronicle:He was actually a professional dj who would often perform in front of crowds all over the Galaxy
Skills:Decent with older irken technology,somewhat decent hacker,actually tinkers on technology from time to time, knows how to play a great deal of instruments due to his holographic mix station having the capabilities of creating interactive holograms which are created using information gathered on said instruments

Likable qualities:
•Very friendly
•makes sure to memorize peoples musical tastes
•knows how to hook up people with free music or a few channels from somewhere
•Knows his way around tools
•Is a person who likes to try and help lighten tense situations
•Could be considered somewhat of a cinnamon roll

Dislikable qualities
•Naive which results in possible near death experiences
•He ends up accidently insulting people when he admires older technology
•He's generally a pacifist and isn't much good in a fight
•He can get scared easily which results in his PAK activating a personal shield should he end up getting startled or scared to some degree while useful it does cause problems as well as getting hit by said forcefild upon it expanding usually has enough force to throw someone on their back
•Often forgets some music choices are not the best for playing around those with weapons who might not understand what's happening
•Generally gets extremely nervous when so much as being near a girl except after a performance when he is high on adrenaline.this results in him being somewhat of a klutz and unable to really talk as he ends up sort of choking up
•When messing with older technology that he isn't all that familiar with he may end up accidentally causing it to light ablaze or possibly detonate which can be rather problematic if trying to be stealthy
•In deadly situations he naturally puts his hand in the air though when this happens he often forgets he has a personal shield which would make situations such as that not nearly as scary considering things such as a regular blaster couldn't pierce the barriers energy
•cannot drive to save his life
•extremely poor accuracy with ranged weapons
•little to no experience ever using weapons
A shapeshifter with a grin
This is a character I have been working on for quite sometime which involves a topic which has always interested me.

Name:Caibus (he often doesent say his last name but is fine with decent nicknames)
Species:Caibus is a being which is some form of shapeshifter though it's rather hard to narrow down what exact species he is besides that due to his DNA being able to change and rewrite itself for whatever he deems suitable.
Family:Oddly his family isn't comprised of shape shifters but is actually a rather normal bloodline much like many regular families.
Appearance:Often caibus usually keeps a rather simple appearance of being a rather skinny purple creature who has in place of hair a sort of whisky smoke. His eyes apparently seem discolored as one eye is brown while the other a light blue though it's unknown wether he simply keeps them this way or not.
Personality:He is often reserved preferring to keep to himself due to him not often fitting in and scaring others away should they discover his secret ability. Though at time he can be quite friendly sometimes engaging in long conversations about some sort of topic like comic books,games, or other things sometimes he might use his ability to take the guise of another species at the school though often he may leave minor details about him unchanged as simply copying something entirely feels wrong to him and makes him feel as if he were simply stealing someone's appearance. Though he is not very good at shapeshifting and sometimes has a far harder time mimicking certain details such as something having multiple colors or extremely different colors across its body would prove very difficult to him. While he does have this ability he prefers to be considered slightly normal though he often doesent have tastes similar to others when it comes to some things.He often shows things such as common curtesy like saying bless you when someone sneezes though he understands when sometimes it wouldn't matter being kind to someone. Once people get to know him though he opens up more and instead of sitting alone quietly in one corner of a room he becomes more talkative and somewhat silly to the person whose getting to know him.

There is more info that I plan on typing up about him once I manage to learn how to give my drawings some color along with finding a good computer as well
Team chronicle is something I developed a while back ago.

Everyone wonders about irkens a race developed to conquer planets an empire that was ruthless and in charge not to mention destroyed millions.

None of them are the same and some are rebellious and rebel against the empire which helped make them.... But time always tells a different story there's a theory of which where every choice every option changes what happens and the final outcome some changes are drastic some are minuscule. This results in multiple timelines multiple offshoots this story is about those who come from timelines in some irkens were regular citizens and there was no such thing as an irken empire some of them might have instead have a vortian empire.

Team chronicle is a group of people brought together from multiple timelines. There are multiple versions of this team but for now we're going to focus on one in particular.

This team much like the others were brought together by a strange person of which a version exists in almost every timeline a person by the name of M.W who brings different people from these multiple timelines supplies them with a place of operations a base and gear that allows them to travel through time and even to other timelines but then again they have to be ready.

Someone or something is spreading strange crystals throughout the timelines these crystals are unpredictable but have the unique ability that with a power source and the right machinery can create portals throughout time and so much more. Sadly this being is sending these crystals hooked up to machines that are unstable is reeking havoc things are being pulled from timelines and from time periods bringing them to places they shouldn't belong. Sometimes there are only the crystals and these crystals can be harmless in the right hands but when hooked to a power source even something as simple as a battery or in the wrong hands havoc can ensue across all of time.

Using the same crystals with the proper technology team chronicles job is to reclaim these crystals and destroy these devices collecting them to keep them out of the hands of their enemies or even versions of themselves.

Our story follows one team in particular could these be the heros that time need? Or just another group doomed to die at the hands of creatures or even the original irken empire itself? Only time will tell



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I'm a guy who loves sketching in my free time. I still have a ways to go but I make sure to practice it's hard and frustrating but so can a lot of stuff in life be. I hope you'll enjoy what you see and feel free to ask about art requests or something else if you'd like. Anyways thanks for reading this and I hope you'll follow your passion of making artwork just like how I followed mine


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